terrestrial oddities  
exhibition duration: 27. June – 06. July 2019
exhibition venue: Galerie der HBKsaar, Saarbrücken, DE

::::::: the artists and their works in the exhibition :::::::


(*1989 in Belgrade, Serbia)

BA and MA Painting, Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, Serbia.

Diploma Fine Arts, École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts Paris, France.

Her work is influenced by ideas of storytelling and characterisation from films, video games, books, especially by the ability of these media to concentrate complex emotions into a concise experience, the inherent ‘lightness’ which can be so affecting.

She works at the boundary between the artificial and the real, mixing painting, drawing and physical installations with the virtual worlds populated by AI characters that she creates in duo with artist and programmer Sam Twidale.


SERIES OF ANOMALIES AND ARTEFACTS // drawings, installation, dimensions variable

AFTER INTELLIGENCE // with Sam Twidale, real time animation, ~15’


(*1992 in Ivanjica, Serbia)

BA and MA in Transmedia Research and Painting, Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, Serbia.

Contributed to the course Temporalization in Modern and Contemporary Art, theory department, Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade; Guest lecturer on the course: Facing the Art, FUD UJEP, Usti nad Labem, Czech Republic. He is curator of Prosthetic pavilion for The Wrong – new digital art biennale, third and fourth edition. Publishes texts and visual interventions in magazines for art and architecture. Continuously active in the fields of visual art, theory and hybrid practices.

Recent practice is oriented towards textual experimentation, theory-fiction, and the ways in which those texts could be vocally manipulated into sonic hallucinatory space installation.


ELECTROPLATING THE BABY // 3D print, 10x5x5cm

ENCAPSULATION // epoxy resin, 30x30x30 cm

INTERTEK // performance


(*1992 in Belgrade, Serbia)

BA and MA in Sculpture, Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, Serbia.

In her work, Gorana is exploring the spatial connections of everyday objects, analyzing how the viewer’s perception of these objects, depending on the context, is constantly changing. Defining who we are is always shaped by our own definitions of others, meaning that defining ourselves is only possible through some kind of boundaries. In that interstate is where the artist works, creating a physical space which emphasizes these universal emotions. Her approach to sculpting, drawing and painting is shaped by intrinsic motivations in which she tries to find a universal language of communicating. Often, her works can be perceived as a response to our own stand towards technology and its influence on society in general.


UNTITLED // installation, 240x70x70cm


(*1992 in Zrenjanin, Serbia)

BA and MA in Sculpture, Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, Serbia.

Her artistic practice employs a range of media, including drawing, objects, and site-sensitive installations. Nadežda examines the collision of socio-political realities and contemporary language of youth, unfolding its unacknowledged emotional, physical, and intellectual labor.

She was awarded with “Dimitrije Bašičević Mangelos” Award in 2018. and “Sreten Stojanović, professor of AFA Award for achievements in Sculpture for the year of 2017.


NISTA SPEC 2.0 BETA // installation, buoys, ropes, stones, dimensions variable


(*1990 in Belgrade, Serbia)

BA and MA in Sculpture, Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, Serbia.

Slavicas works feature bodies which appear to be in a process of fragmentation, hybridization or merging. Through these unusual representation of the bodily, complex interpersonal emotional states become manifested.


TICKLING // epoxy resin, steel holder, 160x60x40cm

COME AS YOU ARE // video, 4’13’’ (sound: Arnaud Grandjean)


(*1987 in Belgrade, Serbia)

BA in Scandinavian languages and literature at the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade, Serbia.
BA and MA in Transmedia Research, Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, Serbia.

Martinas practice is severely influenced with global issues of today. At the moment she is developing projects in the field of ecoart.

Martina is currently studying at KASK, Ghent, Belgium, MA in Multimedia design.


NEVERMIND // installation, electrical fans, plastic foil, dimensions variable

IT IS BETTER TO... // installation, sempervivum tectorum oddity plants, 150x150cm

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